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Osage Friends Fellowship was established under the auspices of the Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs with the arrival of Daniel and Hattie Williams in the fall of 1908.

The Meeting House was erected in 1923. The present worship wing was added in 1928. It is located in the NW corner of Indian Village on Highway 99 adjacent to Hominy, OK.

In 1962, under the leadership of David and Janie Owl, Osage Friends Fellowship was formally organized as Hominy Monthly Meeting under the Nebraska Yearly Meeting. Currently, Hominy Friends Meeting is affiliated with Great Plains Yearly Meeting and the Friends United Meeting.James Doyle Penrose Hominy Friends Meeting was proud to play host to the 2004 Great Plains Yearly Meeting this past June!

Pictured right is a sketch by James Doyle Penrose. It depicts a Quaker congregation worshipping silently while the Native Americans watch and soon join them in worship. There is a story that goes along with this sketch. It is called "The Feather of Peace: An Incident in Quaker History."

Hominy Friends Meeting List of Pastors
1908-1918 Daniel and Hattie Williams
1919-1923 William and Adah Magner
1923-1936 Arthur and Nettie Hadley
1936-1939 Worth and Edith Mackie
1939-1940 Dorothy Pittman
1940-1942 Arthur and Arline Hobson
1943-1947 Charles and Olive Whitely
1947-1956 Phillip and Susie Frazier
1957-1958 Ivan and Mark Clark
1958-1960 Sylvan and Helen Mardock
1961-1964 David and Janie Owl
1964-1965 Lyman and Mamie Platt
1967-1975 Daniel and Mildred Neifert
1975-1984 David E. Nagle
1984-1989 Clifford and Majorie Wolfe
1990-1991 MaryBette Slusarski
1994-present David E. Nagle

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